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Feeling Excited for Life

What Everyone Wants

What everyone wants, deep down inside, is to feel excited for life – to feel grateful for being alive and being who that person is.

Believe it or not, having that feeling of excitement for life is totally foreign to adults! This doesn’t mean adults aren’t able to experience it – but it does mean that the feeling itself doesn’t originate in adults.

Where then…?

You guessed it: The feeling actually comes well before adulthood. It comes from childhood. It comes from being a kid and seeing the world with such relatively fresh eyes. Everything seems so new and magical. Life feels like one big adventure!

As we grow older, we start losing the feeling of excitement for life. The newness, the magic, the sense of adventure slowly wanes and weakens as the years go by. The color illustrating life begins to fade, leaving only the bleakness, the dullness, of black and white.

Do you want to feel this way again? Try to remember the last time you felt genuinely excited for life as a whole. Recall the newness, the magic, the adventure…

Time to Pretend

Pretend you are five years old again. Some things seem just so awesome, right? Regardless of what seems awesome, the fact remains that when you were five, things might have felt much more exciting than they do for you now.

Recall a specific experience that you had as a kid – one that felt so good. Do you want to feel rejuvenated? Do you want to feel this way, not just once more but all the time? If so, then consider what will help you…

How to Reconnect with the Magic

This help may come in the form of many things, but one form that particularly stands out is literature. Books. Are you addicted to genres such as motivation, self-help, New Age, spirituality, and Integral?

If you already are addicted to these ideas, then you probably have already regained familiarity with that magical excitement for life. If you would like to know what specific books will give you this feeling, then consider:

Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

The Uncommon Path by Mick Quinn

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Big Mind Big Heart by Genpo Roshi

and A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilber

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