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Why Gold is Worth So Much

Feeling Matters

Do you ever wonder why we value the commodity of gold so much? The answer to this question answers many more questions…

In short – gold is worth what it is ultimately because of the feeling it gives us. Not because of how it appears. Not because of its texture. Not because of its economic value. No: Gold is worth what it is because of how it makes us feel.

How does gold make us feel? Most generally, gold makes us feel good. More specifically, gold makes us feel appreciation for physical beauty. If we think about what gold is made of, (atomically) it’s no different from any other material substance.

Yet gold as such is very different.

Why Then?

Gold is unique because of its color, because of its shine, because of its rarity, and because it doesn’t deteriorate or decay over time. It stays the same. For these reasons, we appreciate gold for its physical beauty, for its uniqueness.

Interestingly, the “gold standard” is modern society’s objective measurement for all economic value. Paper money means nothing without this standard. Even still (and contrary to what many people believe), gold means nothing without the feeling it gives us.

If the very standard on which we base all economic value really has to do with the way we feel, then this has crucial implications on the whole idea of “value” itself.

Value Explained

Value doesn’t ultimately depend on money. It doesn’t ultimately depend on gold. Value ultimately depends on feeling. Therefore – whatever gives us the best feeling also has the highest value.

(Let’s remind ourselves that “feeling,” in this case, means emotional – not physical. Emotional feelings such as appreciation, love, and awe always outweigh physical feelings of raw pleasure.)

New Economy, New World

If we begin to rethink why we value things, and what “value” really means, then we’ll begin to affect the global economy in a more positive and powerful way.

Just imagine an economy – and a world – that values positive emotional feeling over things such as money and gold. Then the world will truly know peace…

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